Tom’s River Immigration Lawyer

Tom’s River immigration lawyer Joseph Makhandal Champagne Jr. has the experience and background to effectively handle any of the wide variety of issues in the field. Himself an immigrant, he has an understanding of the policy, political, legal and personal concerns regarding immigration. As a law student, Mr. Champagne focused on human rights issues and international laws. As an attorney and politician, he has traveled the globe dealing with immigration issues.

Immigration Law Help in Toms River

Once Mr. Champagne has heard your story of your entry into the United States, your immigration status and your activities since you have been in the states, he will formulate a strategy to help solve your issue if the law allows. Mr. Champagne can help those in the Toms River area with such immigration issues as:

  • Immigrant visas, including family and work-based visas
  • Non-immigrant visas, including spousal and temporary work visas
  • Deportation or removal
  • Admissibility
  • Criminal grounds for refusal to admit

These are a few of the common issues in immigration law that can, if not handled promptly and properly, upend your future plans or worse, separate you from your loved ones. Before making a move, you should contact immigration lawyer Joseph Champagne Jr. if you are in New Jersey and need immigration assistance.

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