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The New Jersey justice system recognizes that minors and juveniles should not be held to the same standard as adults when they make mistakes. There are separate rules and procedures that apply when minors are accused of crimes. Champagne Law Group, LLC, understands New Jersey’s juvenile justice law and is dedicated to helping juveniles that have been accused of crimes avoid the burden of a criminal record and avoid harsh punishment.

New Jersey’s Juvenile Justice System

When a minor is arrested for committing a crime in New Jersey, there are several different things that can happen depending on the circumstances of a case. For serious violent crimes, minors over the age of 14 can be tried as an adult. For less serious offenses, minors can be referred to a diversion program or tried in an “adjudicatory hearing.” If a minor is found guilty, a judge can order an “adjudication of delinquency” or withhold adjudication. When adjudicatoin is withheld, the charge is dismissed entirely if the minor stays out of trouble and fulfills any conditions the judge orders.

Whatever the circumstances, attorney Joseph Makhandal Champagne, Jr., fights every step of the way for his juvenile clients throughout the process.

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Most young people should not suffer the life-long impact of a criminal record for things they did as a juvenile.  If you would like to discuss your case, contact Champagne Law Group, LLC at (732) 240-0030 to schedule a consultation today.

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